It was a year ago

From “It was a year ago”

Di Diego Ottaviano

It was a year ago. It was during a moment of craziness. It took all of us, our breathing, our moments, our ideas. Those ideas were full of tones, hopes, and written images. You know guys, those images that we do romantically define ‘words’. They are like an intrinsic movement of sounds in your brain and with a particular taste in your mouth, because they resound otherwise in your ears. It is like a game. The one you would say ‘let’s rock together’. So, what you do? You take a pen, you think, you feel, you organize and then you let those words out. You lie down thoughts, opinions, and facts. You are trying being objective, and you do even though the fullness and creativity of those words. You are objective, feeling that this world, the one we live, cannot be changed, but surely improved, enriched, reinforced! This is the intensity that brings all of us in front of that piece of paper, in front of that piece of power. Your mind then travels, flies and bends down at the true meaning of discourse and dialogue, for us synonymous of respect, legality and equality.

It was a year ago and this adventure started. We travelled between Bologna and Palermo, between Milan and Naples, between Italy and Italians and sometimes, we ended up in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam. Travelers were there, replying back to us. They were excited. Their responses increased as their desire of following us. For all that, tickets were free, shaped as journalistic articles, as journalistic ideas, and finally, as pieces of regular people, who live for the meaning of meritocracy, who works for the meaning of democracy, who fights for the meaning of an opportunity.

Our words were read and they were enriched back within people’s opinion. The rhythm became intense, alive. The rhythm became the same which is today, concrete, present and ambitious in its knowing humility. We slowly walked towards our goals. Therefore, it sometimes happened to take the side of an independent television in Sicily, funded to face the Italian mafia. It happened to be there, fighting for the right of a public Education, against corruption and bad politics. Finally, our goal just happened to be in the essence of knowing, saying, and listening.

Well, not much time ago, Diecieventicinque was created. A new chance for fighting mafias, illegality, and wrong politics was born. In memory of the victims of mafia, we use we also believe that ‘All the world is a village’. Our magazine will be then enriched of the writing of other people, who from the world will tell us issues, facts, stories, ideas of their countries with the biggest goal of sharing knowledge, because agreeing with Socrates “To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge”.

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